Need Help Making This Object

Hey, I’m relatively new to JMonkeyEngine, but that’s not to say that I don’t know anything about it. I need help making the object pictured in the following image:

Also, I will need to be able to dynamically change the radius of the disc in my program. I don’t know where to begin my attempt at creating the disc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

looks like a torus to me?  Unless the side view is supposed to depict a flat disc?

Yes, the side view is supposed to represent a flat disc with a rounded edge.

Would making the object in 3ds Max be an option? I can definitely create the object with it, but will I be able to interact with the object in my program i.e. change it's radius?

If you model it, you could scale the entire object, if that's all you need to do.  Otherwise, I'd suggest mathematically creating it in your app.  You might take a jME shape class like Disk as your starting point.

I posted this code to create a rotational shape, e.g. for columns, chess pieces etc. I never tried to have a hole in the middle, but if first and last point are the same, it should work. However you have to do more work on normals and texture coordinates, as the code was thought for rougly cylindrical things.

In the constructor, you have to provide an array of coordinates of the polygon which would be visible if you would cut your object in the x-y-plane. Hope this helps you…