Need help on import from blender trought ogre exporter

Hello !

I’m trying to get the model import pipeline ok from blender 2.62 to jme sdk.

As mentionned here :, I use ogre exporter 0.5.5.

I get xml files, a .scene file plus a .material from blender ogre exporter

When I double click on the scene file, jme3sdk creates a j3o file that contains my models with lighting materials applied, but no j3m materials are created, so I cannot modify them.

I there a way to get materials converted to j3m so I can edit them in jme3sdk ?

Thanks for helping ! :slight_smile:


PS: I readed a lot of jme3 materials, blender ogre exported relative docs. Excuse me if the answer is obvious.

Just create a new j3m material inside JME SDK.

No other way i think.

I have a doubt about the “a” in “Just create ‘a’ new j3m materials inside JME SDK”