Need help with cube shapes without neighbor faces

Can someone explain me how to generate cube shapes without faces that are faced to neightbor block?
I am newbie. I have created simple block generator using Geometry (box) but faces are also rendered inside.
I want to render only this faces what will be visible for camera. How to do it?

Thanks for any help.

You will need to become very comfortable with custom meshes.

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I will do it by rendering quads that will represent block shape instead of box. I really do not like working with vertexes, indicates and normals, this is why I am using jme3 :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks :slight_smile: !

If you want to see any kind of performance you will need to start working with them. Trust me when I say having full control over mesh data will have an ongoing benefits, even if you don’t use them again, a deep understanding of how a mesh works will help in most aspects of game dev.

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Thank you for your response.
I will try then to work around with them but it is looking strange from my knowledge view point :frowning:
I need to study how everything basicly works. I hope it is simpler than I think.