Need help with link error!

I have just downloaded the jME project win WinCVS and imported it in eclipse(3.0M9). Building the project is no problem, but when I try to run i recive a linke error:

"java.lang.UnstisfiedLinkError: no lwjgl in java.library.path"

I a newbee with eclipse and have litle experience with comprehensive javaprojects, so if you can help me then pleace do…

BTW jME(and LWJGL) looks realy great! :slight_smile: I just need some guidance to get the grip on it :wink:

this has been answered many times before, but Il answer it again.

Go to Run → Run…

And click "New", then in the arguments tab, in the VM arguments, type this:


notice that the directory refers to the directory in which the lwjgl.dll is stored, not the actual dll.

Hope that helps.

DP :slight_smile:

Thanks. Problem solved!

I dont know why I didn’t remeber that after playing around with the LWJGL NEHE lessons… ://