Need help with Noob concepts

I’ve got a good functioning knowledge of programming in general, and specifically am learning Java. Jmonkey, however, I’m pretty lost… I don’t know where any really good tutorials are, and nobody I program with has even heard of Jmonkey before.

I have a concept of a beginning game I want to create, but don’t even know where to start. So I’m going to list off basic things I want to learn how to do. You don’t have to answer anything with example code or anything like that, just pointing me to a tutorial and saying which part that would help me learn is completely acceptable. I’ve tried the tutorials here, but I’ve found the series nearly incomprehensible… Probably just me >.<

Things I want to learn:

Changing move speed.

Binding a key (or mouse click) to a method.

Removing the default geometry.

Prevent/limit the ability to look up/down.

Create a specific sized cube in a specific location.

Prevent camera from moving through cube(s).

Define starting location (or know where the starting location is).

Short answer:

Actual response: First off, welcome to java and jMonkey! I know just how you feel because I was in the exact same spot a year and a half ago. At the time jme2 was out and flag rush tutorial was the main hands on tutorial available. What I recommend to you for jme3 is reading up on that page I posted, then start designing the structure of your game using pencil and paper. This is easy to do with java especially because it’s all classes. Now think about the “changing speed” question. Speed is a property of an object, and it can be represented by a number. So this is an object with an int field called speed. You can change the speed of the object by changing this number. The only thing ng left to do is use this number as the rate at which the object moves. This usually involves calling a “move” method in the update loop and pass the tpf (time per frame) variable to it. The move function will be a function of speed and tpf. I must add, this is the most basic way to move and object, and you may actually want to take advantage of the physics classes in jbullet to help add more realistic motion. Read every tutorial on that page, and if it’s not clear read it again, try to figure out what’s going wrong on your own, or use the search on the forums. If you still can’t figure it out, Then post. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Those are some tutorials I’ve taken a look at, they’re pretty incomprehensible to me :frowning: But I’ll take a look through them again and try to decipher their script! And if I have issues I’ll post here again.

Also, to any moderators, I’m not entirely sure where this is supposed to have been so I picked the best spot I noticed >.<

Do a test, look at the result, type code; change some data, run test again and spot the differences. Sometimes it’ll be obvious, others you won’t see a difference.

Only through exercises will you get experience and knowledge. Most methods (functions) are named in an obvious way so it’s clear what they do.

Welcome and good luck!

Yep, and honestly if the beginner tutorials don’t make sense to you now, you probably just need more experience reading code. I think jme is a good way for new coders to get used to java syntax.