Need help with the CVS client

It says to use that tab to login, but the feature was removed so now I don't know what to do. Also I already did the login on the command prompt, do I need to do it for the actually client too?

I would recommend using an IDE such as Eclipse or Netbeans. There are tutorials for these on the wiki.

That said, google for WinCVS and you're bound to find other tutorials on how to use it. Or just follow what is says on the screenshot :slight_smile:

Unless you specifically need jME 1.0, I recommend using jME 2 which uses a subversion repository instead of CVS.

In what tutorial does it show you how to make the imports work? Because my “BaseGame” import isn’t working. It’s saying noClassFound or something like that.

And thanks for the quick replies :].

This is what I mean:

The error is at the bottom but the image clearly says I have the BaseGame class.

You need to resolve all of the compiler errors before trying to run any tests.