Need help

hi I just download jmokeyengine and I dont know how to do anything i tryed follow the tutorals but I dont understand any of it. for example;

Create a jme3test.helloworld package and a file in it. <

how do i make the file

In NetBeans, you would right-click the Source Packages node<
tryed this but got a errior
Select New… > Java Class to create a new file.
Enter a class name: HelloJME3
Enter a package: jme3test.helloworld
Click Finish.

if some can help me out with this then i can maybe start learning how to do the rest on my own. would be awsome if someone can make a youtube video explaning just the first tutoral. once I learn this part I will post all the rest of the tutorals on youtube to help other people out. I am a fast learner when its showen hands on so please help a new game programer out please :)

Whats the problem? In jMP you do exactly the same to create a java file. Press F1 to get help on how to use jMP.

i got it to work still thinking about making a youtube video for each part of the tutorals.