Need more LIGHT

Hi every one ,thnx for giving a look to my Topic.
My problem is i need more light . I use directional light ,but my world is totally gray it seems like its a dusk all the time,while im making a game in desert where sun is shooting down as mad.
Now my question is : is there any way to make directional light stronger? how to ?
If not : is there any other way to give my self a strong source of light i need for ?

 DirectionalLight directionalLight = new DirectionalLight();
  directionalLight.setDirection(new Vector3f(-.1f,-.1f,-.1f).normalizeLocal());

Could you please post a screenshot AND your code?

Sorry for not doing it before ,have some instable net

Seems like you are missing an AmbientLight :slight_smile:

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eemm are they to use togather? i supposed it was one or other one

No, you can use them both of course! Just try, you will see :wink:

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Thnx alot :slight_smile: now i have alot of light :+1: is there any way to reduce it a bit :smiley: ?
(and i suppose the change of color of the map is given by some code i messed? soo i will give it a check)
" First that guy need a light … now he wants to reduce it … ohh these people do not know what they want for !! "
yeah :slight_smile: sorry

Please read the documentation about light.

But basically you can define the “intensity” of the light by the specified color.
See: light.setColor(ColorRGBA.White.mult(0.5f));

Oh yeah i used it before i updated JME ,but after update Ctrl + space gave me only ambientLight.setColor(ColorRGBA.Blue); constructor soo i supposed it was not possible any more ,but thnx alot :slight_smile:

Also note that a light color is not limited to 1.0 you can have a light with a (5.0,5.0,5.0,1.0) color. It’s like a white light with an intensity of 5.

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