Need sample models from 3ds and Maya for OpenGEX importer

As a natural next step for the the previously discussed OpenGEX format, @pspeed has expressed interest in creating an importer for the format. He just needs some sample OpenGEX models to play around with.

If you’re a 3ds Max or Maya user, we need your help!

What we’re asking for is very simple:

  1. Load up a high quality game-ready model. Free Example (contact me, e.soghe at gmail dot com, for a bundle of free but proprietary models, not to be redistributed)
  2. Take a screenshot of the model, so we know what it’s supposed to look like.
  3. Install the OpenGEX exporter plugin and do an export.
  4. Upload the OpenGEX model and the screenshot (send me by e-mail if it’s proprietary, don’t share openly).

Your job is done here!

And note… by high-quality we still mean “game ready” and not some 20,000,000 poly ray traced setup. :slight_smile:

Edit: also a screen cap of what it’s supposed to look like would be super nice.

Updated and bumped.