Need some advice on texturing

Hello everybody,

I’ve just modelled this spacebase for my game (about 492 vertices) :

The first spacebase i made was about 1000 vertices an made of 5 modules so it was 5 textures of 512512. I think it’s quite a lot.

So for this second base i try to model in only one module BUT :

only one texture 512
512 is hard to make because the object is big and so it needs detail.

So here’s my question :

Must i keep only one 512512 texture and try my best to make detail ?

Or must i cut the object in two and make two textures ?

Or must i make one 1024
1024 texture ? is it possible ? will it work on every graphic card in any resolutions ?

Thanks for help,



One possibility is to use multitexturing to apply 2 textures… you’d simply need to have a transparent area in one of the textures and play with the coordinates. that way you could apply one 512x512 texture to half the object , setting the other half to have tex coords pointing to the transparent area of the texture. in the second texture slot, you’d do the same, but for the other half of the base.

But personally, I’d simply split the base into sections… maybe between glass and metal sections, or something of that ilk. Would make it easier to use repeating textures across areas and such.

Thanks for your answer Renanse, i will try to do that :slight_smile: