Need some basic 3ds files to test the loader with

3ds loader is on its way to being written but because I don’t know 3ds I can’t make these basic files to test it as I make it.

I need:

a) A file that is just a model and nothing else. A model in it’s most basic form (maybe a single triangle??)

b) A box with a Material state and nothing else in the scene

c) A box with a texture, and nothing else in the scene

d) A box (without material or texture, just a box) that moves up, then rotates a bit, then scales a bit (3 frames)

e) Any other features 3ds has that needs to be included in jME. Just demonstrate the feature in its most basic form and I’ll see what I can do about implimenting it.

email me @ cep221 at gmail dot com

just a warning cep.

Max has a ColorPerVertex option which is exported with the mesh. But it has a twist. Let me explain:

Each vertex is connected to 3 faces (durr), but, in ColorVertices, each vertex is split into three, and given a seperate colour. So to find out the true color of the vertex, you need to find the corresponding ColorVertex and find the average color. This is more difficult than you think, because the color vertices dont come one after another ( i think ).

If you have any suggestions on how to solve this issue, id love to hear it.

“Each vertex is connected to 3 faces (durr)” Did you mean each face is connected to 3 vertex? I’ll have to see how it’s formated in 3ds to figure out the best way to solve what you’re talking about. Whenever I run across it, I’ll let you know


I try to get hold of what you are after and email it to you.


That would be super cool. Just basic demo files of a feature and only a feature, something I can work with. I would make them myself but I don’t know 3ds

Ok, you should have it by now.


Thanks a lot. I’ll see what I can dig up with them