Need some ideas for making terrain

This is a normal terrain

but I want something like this

in fact, this is what I want

umm… how can I make a terrain like that?

may be I have to map textures on something…

any ideas?  :slight_smile:

It wouldn't be terribly hard to do… basically you'd make a trimesh that used the edge verts of the terrain as the top edge of it and matching verts at the bottom at a set "0 point".  You could tesselate further in the vertical direction if you want, but those two sides should do the trick.  texcoords could be 0->1 (or 0->some other number and use wrapping horizontally if that looks nicer) divided by the number of verts along the edge…  Then you simply apply a texture with horizontal stripes of varying thickness.

thanks renanse

I will try it out  :smiley: