Need some tips


Few questions;

  1. I'm wondering what type of games is jME engine good for? I haven't done much in 3D game programming, so I don't know all the varieties of game engines out there. But let's say we have games like C&C, Quake, Civilization, Battlefield (RTS, FPS, TBS, FPS/RTS). Does jME suit any type of genre more than others?

  2. All I know about scenegraphy engines is what I've read in the About page on, but I have a good understanding how its concept works.
  • Is there any further reading material on making games based on a scenegraphy engine?
  • Is there any reading material on how to make a 3D game by using all those components needed for a game; models, textures, audio, maps etc. and how to integrate them all together? (I'm not too much interested in making a game-engine itself, but rather study how I can become the "army-of-one".)

There are folks here working on all types of games. FPS, Third-person RPG, driving, sports (foos-ball), flight simulator… I'm working on a 3D version of the board game Axis and Allies.

So, yeah… your imagination is the limit.

I find that much of the complexity of the engine is hidden behind easy-to-use api. I don't really have to worry too much about the intricacies.

The wiki and javadocs ( ;)) are the best place to start to get a feel. But the very best documentation is actually in the examples. There are tons of very specific examples which include lots of how-to-integrate-this-with-that. There's also a step-by-step tutorial in the examples that goes from the most basic game window to a full game, doing much of the integration work for features that you'd see in many games.