Need something for the "totally new to jME person"

There needs to be some kind of very bold, big, underlined, whatever link on the front page that says something similar to “Everything a totally new person to jME needs to get started step by step”. Everything kind of blends together on the new page. It needs to be totally obvious where a complete noob to jME needs to click and the link would tell that person how to know everything they need to know. Inside would be something similar to:

"First you need to download the correct files. Check out this article <direct link> that goes thru where you can get every single file you need.

Then you need to run a test program. Check out this article <direct link> that goes thru how to run a test program.

Now you’ll want to learn how to use jME. Check out both our wiki <direct link> that goes thru in detail the various parts of jME and this how to tutoriol <direct link> that talks about how to get introduced to jME. There is also a paper describing the features of jME here <direct link>. If you’re using IntelliJ here’s a step by step of how to get jME from the CVS <direct link>. We have other articles of interest here <direct link> which can be found by clicking “blarg” on the left main bar, then “blarg2” on the top of that page.

If you have questions, our forum is here <direct link>. You can also see this link on the left as “Discussion forums”. But first try our FAQ at this site <direct link>


ect ect

Basicly make it obvious where to find everything that jME allready has, -and- make it obvious where to find what points someone new to everything.

I’ll put together a “Getting Started” Guide and link it off the main page.

The installation guide I wrote tries to tackle that problem. It walks the person through downloading, installing and setting up everything you need (Java, WinCVS, ant, jME).

Then it talks about how to compile everything and run the test programs… even explaining all the command-line java stuff (with the library path for LWJGL and classpath to all the jars).

It doesn’t talk about how to use jME, though. Still learning that, myself. :smiley:

Anyway… Mojo… I’ll email the guide tonight when I get home or tomorrow sometime (regarding your post in the Installation Guide thread). Hopefully, it can be of use for something like this.

If it’s not exactly what you need for the ‘Getting Started’ stuff… you should feel free to use any or all of it as you see fit. No worries on my end about the doc getting butchered. :slight_smile:


Shmooh, I got your e-mail, and I have integrated it into the main page. There is a Getting Started section on the main menu.

I like it. It should also mention that Eclipse and IntelliJ (as well as most IDE tools) have some support for ant and CVS already installed, then link to places where people can learn how to use various IDE CVS/ant tools. Also, the path names need a in them. Oh yea, and link here when talking about the CVS so people can easily locate a command line CVS just in case they need it.

Overall, I liked it a lot. How just a getting started using jME guide.

It’s an excellent introduction - very readable and easy to follow. Perfect for the jME beginner. I have one suggestion, though: on the main site bold or italicize the Getting Started link. Especially for newbies, I think it’s important that it’s very clear where to go first.

Excellent introduction. Will solve many newbs problems, I guess. Maybe setting up the project using eclipse should be in there somewhere, too?

I think there is a typo though, that is in step 6 the java.library.path should be ./lib instead of .lib. At least that is, what I must use.

Yea all pathnames dont have their slashes.