Needs hint to decrease memory footprint

Our project uses thounds of textures and hundreds of shaders.

it consumes about 700MB.

But compared to other games, it seems to consume so much memory.

So I tried deferencing texture image data( after loading it onto graphics memory.

And memory is reduced to 600MB.

Is there any other hint to reduce memory footprint from the jme point of view.

Thank you always!

You can also delete VBO using Renderer.deleteVBO

Shaders can be deleted with GLSLShaderObjectsState.cleanup().

I am not sure if you can dereference models same thing you do for textures.

Use profiler and find if it's Java heap that uses most memory or driver (where the above tips would help).

By the way, in jME3 and Ardor3D these things are done automatically without user intervention.

Are you loading your textures as DDS-files? Any other format is bad, especially for loading times.

Using DDS-files means, that the mipmaps are precalculated, the texture are compressed, and ready without changes for the graphics card. I'm pretty sure, that will save RAM.