NetBeans 4.1 final is out!

… and well worth a try !

Personally I found Netbeans a pain to configure properly, and not as responsive as Eclipse - as well as being more difficult to use. That was about 3 years ago though. Is it better than it was now?

Eclipse still is my first pick for an IDE but when it comes to web development (jsp+servlets) Eclipse cant beat Netbeans, which comes bundeled with all support u need.

In Eclipse u first have to get all the plugins like jsp support, Tomcat plugin…which are all build in into netbeans. Netbeans even can debug into from jsp’s compiled servlets, which Eclipse with plugins cant.


well, since eclipse ceased to be only an IDE, i think it’s normal that the plugins are distributed separately.

but how does the new netbeans version behave? i’m always willing to switch if the arguments are reasonable. the problem is that i don’t have the time to test Netbeans. so: any impressions?

@chaosdeathfish: You can bet on that 8)

if You last tried someting less than 4.0 than it’s definately worth to try again.