Netbeans and gradle

I am trying to learn netbeans and how it works with the gradle plugin. Didn’t find any help in the SDK on it.

There might be something in the official netbeans release, not sure.

However, I found this today and its the official documentation on the gradle/netbeans plugin. It gives detail info on each part of the plugin.

I’m sure everyone but me knew of this.

I’ve also found what may be the goto tutorial on gradle itself, but I will wait until I read it to its conclusion before making a final judgment and post the link.

That’s the exact gradle plugin which can be downloaded using the sdk’s tools->plugins thing as well.
But I failed to integrate it into the sdk to the point where even the maintainer of netbeans had no clue anymore


I only discovered any of this because when I removed groovy (trying to debug something) it also wiped out gradle .

When I went back to open a gradle project, all the projects were listed as folders so that’s how I found out it was gone.

It was available through the plugin portal so I just reinstalled it and had no problems. its 1.4.3 version though.

I assume you’re trying to integrate netbeans 9.0 with it is what you mean?

No, 8.1 Netbeans and the Plugin, so that a jme project could be opened even when it has a build.gradle but I was unable to call “protected API” there and as I wanted to include it as a dependency, netbeans just plain told me there was something missing which was there and well, noone replied anymore to that thread

Can you create another project type under the jme new project folder (BasicGame (gradle)) and then just have a predefined build.gradle?

Edit: since the jdk already has all the libraries, can you just use those for the build.gradle?