NetBeans -> Eclipse

  1. All the plugins are making NetBeans too slow.Sometimes, the scene viewer load while starting up jMP, stuck at 14%.Then I had to reinstall and update the whole system.Is the any way to stop initiating SceneViewer while jMP is starting up, without deactivating the plugin?

    2.The default asset folder(ScenesGamex.j3o) returns null pointer, in Eclipse.I have setup the same folder arrangement, but, I have to put all of my assets to project_namebin… folder to locate them.How can I resolve this issue, so that Eclipse can find then in default location like NetBeans.

    3.How can I add NeoTexture Plugin in Eclipse.In NetBeans, I update if as a plugin, but, how to do this in eclipse?

    I think integrating of all the plugins in NetBeans will make the whole thing very sluggish and unstable.Isn’t it better to have different tool for different work?
  1. When the SceneViewer gets stuck at 14% theres a problem starting the OpenGL context. It doesnt do anything when it gets stuck, you can use the rest of the application normally. So you dont need to disable it. If your computer has problems or is slow when the OpenGL context is open its probably a problem with your graphics drivers or card.
  2. Learn how to use Eclipse and setup the classpath when you want to use Eclipse…?
  3. You cannot, its based on Swing while Eclipse uses the non-standard SWT UI (and a nonstandard build process etc. etc.)

    NetBeans is based on standards (Swing, Ant etc.) while Eclipse is not. So basing “standard” jME3 projects on NetBeans projects makes them accessible for others who dont use the IDE as well, while using Eclipse makes the whole thing Eclipse-dependent.

    jMP does not use all of the plugins that come with the NetBeans6.9 install for example and its lots faster than a standard NetBeans install. Please dont confuse NetBeans and the NetBeans platform, which is just a platform to create standard Swing based applications.



Thank for the info.

I am also facing the following error, while jMP is being loaded, and while I run the any application

Uniform m_VertexColor is not declared in shader.

Is it something that i should be concerned with?