Network basic move character

I’ve gone through the network code in monkey zone for a week now. I’ve tried to pick everything out so I could get a barebone only sends locations from client to server to other clients. I don’t know if its just that I have too little experience in networking or I’m burnt out and its so simple I’m overcomplicating the simplicity of the server client code. Could someone help on this. I’ve coded 90% of my game and this is just a brick wall for me. If I had a bare bone tut of some sort I could easily branch off and learn what is going on.

Look at the TestChatClient and TestChatServer in the JME test project. These are pretty much exactly like sending location information around.

It’s not really how one would make a client-server game but it’s close. It only lacks some kind of central server side management but the communication mechanisms are nearly identical.

Thank you. I have been brain dead doing this. I have taking classes on game development and I am currently working on my first full game trying to start a Company doing android and computer games. Learning Jmonkey has been a frustrating yet fun experience. I hope to have something Posted withen the month when we post to market.