Networking Camera

I’m trying to create a networked first-person shooter game with an authoritative server. I’ve been looking around and researching, and I have gotten movement to work (i.e. players can run around), however I can’t get them to look around. My first thought was to just use the built in flycam in the client, but does that ruin the authoritative structure? Should I keep multiple flycams on the server, and just send the values from the onAnalog method? I was going to try to use MonkeyZone’s method, but I’ve looked at the MonkeyZone code, and I guess I don’t really understand it.

As always, thanks for the help!

I think a lot of games let the client look around independent of where the server thinks that they are looking… and only worries about the authoritative state for where the player shoots. In order words, the server keeps track of direction (player sends both position and direction… or more likely the physics impulses to make that so)… but the player’s camera is somewhat independent of this.

It keeps people from getting sick when their connection lags a little. Moving forward or backward on a delay is one thing. Freezing mouse look is nauseating. :slight_smile:

thanks pspeed. I’ll give that a try.