Networking client server local


I have:

Client server application who work at setup ports.

If i computers have two different ip address it work’s
If i have:

  1. Router
  2. 2 computers
  3. one net

Router can redirect data to one computer from ports

But skype call between local machines.

I search

How i can it make?


There is a server with open ports
If on the client to open ports and to knock that all works

If the client has a router, then you need to open the ports on the router (how to do it automatically?)

If the computers are on the same local network and connected using a router, then the router can redirect only to one computer


I did not understand everything but you need to open your ports manually. Have a look at the router configuration.


Or are you searching for UPNP to set up your client and server automatically? I can also not fully understand your question…


This network lib for router worvarding (at router) or for local machine?
find this



What if you would explain to us what you actually want???!!!
Does this even have something to do with jMonkeyEngine?



I make online game:

I write client server framework for multiplayer

And now make game play + networking (multiplayer)


But jMonkeyEngine already has a client-server framework built-in. I dont think anyone understands what you are asking on the forum fore?


But it’s java - java programming.
I I’ve been programming for 10 years +

c/c++ linux admin php/yii css html javascript/jquery+libst git,mysql,postgres,nosql, patterns, architect,3d,etc,…


I guess you are in the wrong forum. This forum is JME related. Furthermore without seeing code nor exception nor anything beside a very hard to understand english nobody will be able to point you in any direction.
But maybe a sample like sim-eth or sim-eth-es may help to get started with network based game?

and the links you send gives me the impression that you should ask in some android forums?


This question is essentially stupid. This is tantamount to asking how to open a closed port from an Internet provider. Using JME3.


If I understand his post correctly, he’s trying to figure out how to correctly do UDP networking in the presence of a NAT. It’s not exactly jME specific, but it’s relevant for peer-to-peer multiplayer game authors. It’s not an inherently stupid question.


Game contains not only 3d part:

  1. net
  2. 3d (blender)
  3. database
  4. jmonkey
  5. website…

I use weupnp - open ports and discover on linux


As far as I know, the router works according to the rules set by using the administrative special interface. It also lists the available ports. And it would be strange if these rules were changed automatically at the request of PC users.




search router and open ports


It’s amazing to use a different protocol. Instead of setting up dynamic port forwarding in the router. It’s only you who thought very well about this in terms of reliability …

Add: And what if the router does not support UPnP?


Player community say: “I don’t know how to make forwarding and not going to do it”

Make like skype or torrent. (use unpn)

  1. Install
  2. Play

Not all users understand networks and programming.



if router not support - use default port and make popup windows -add port to router…
but all new pouters support…