New 3D Engines Database

I was just looking at and I found this: Presents the 3D Engines Database
Posted by: Dia Kharrat at 1:59:54 AM

Inspired in part by the outdated 3d engines list, has developed a 3D Engines Database, a new feature of the site that provides a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate database. This database is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information for today's 3D engines. Each engine contains a brief description as well as a list of supported features and general info. In addition, each engine can be rated and reviewed by users to provide feedback and comments. Goto to access the 3D engine database.

Good luck geting JME on it!

That should be pretty easy, as they don’t have a single one in Java yet.

"guurk" wrote:
That should be pretty easy, as they don't have a single one in Java yet.
It should, but we need someone to write the description for it. I do not think that I would be the right person.

p.s. If we get the description up soon then we will still be the only java engine up giving JME an advantage to the other engines.
jME (jMonkey Engine) is a high performance scene graph based graphics API. Much of the inspiration for jME comes from David Eberly's book 3D Game Engine Design. Using a abstraction layer, it allows any rendering system to be plugged in. Currently, LWJGL is supported with plans for JOGL support in the near future. jME is completely open source under the BSD license. For a complete list of features, see

It’s been submitted for a couple days now. Waiting for them to review and approve.

Speak of the devil…

it’s up there now. So feel free to give reviews.

Two things. First: JME is at number 8 in the top ten listing! Secent: Three is a problem with the web site link which needs to be fixed.

We can try puting a post on .

The problem with the home page is back and neads to be fixed.

Bad news, We were pused down to 9.


I registered and posted my thoughts on jME.

I really tried to be honest and fair, which I would encourage of everybody who decides to post there.

We’re now up to 7.


up to 4!

I think there’s a typo though:

Using a abstraction layer
should be “Using an abstraction layer”.

And also, doesn’t jME run on mac too?

lwjgl dose not support mac do nether dose jme. Lwjgl is tring to fix the problem and when it dose jme may support it.

But doesn’t Alien Flux from puppygames run on mac?

Yeah, cause it’s nailed to a older version of lwjgl that supported mac (mostly).

Don’t worry, they’re working on getting Mac support up to par with linux and windows.

ah ok

Alien Flux makes zero use of AWT/Swing to make it work on the Mac. This is also why Alien Flux is not webstarted on the Mac.

I only update on official releases. Once we tie up some loose ends on some more features, 0.8 will be out, and then I’ll update.