New build 20110414 posted

This is mostly a bug fix release… well, and “user annoyance” release.

Get it in the usual place:

I fixed several of the reported crashes and reduced the verbose console output. There are a few feature improvements that can be found in the change log.

See the release notes here:

The most significant: Escape now has a useful purpose other than dumping you from the game. :wink:

I also made the ‘c’ key select whatever block type is under the cursor for editing.

The only thing I wasn’t able to get into this release from my high-priority to-do list were the teleport and join commands.

My server is still up in the place mentioned before. You know… the game name plus game-host with a .org on the end.

See you in Mythruna.

This was in my dream last night O.o (some imaginary friend went and destroyed that messed up ore deposit really far away (all of the columns) :frowning: )