New build 20110415 posted... Back-channel bug fix!

The usual place:

Engine Test Build - Mythruna Wiki

The only thing I did was fix that bug… which should clear up (I think) all of the odd connection hang problems (stuck in the loading screen), “back channel” drop-out issues, etc. that people have been experiencing.

All of these issues, in my best estimation, were easily caused by the same bug. In fact, I’m amazed that logging into a busy world was possible at all since the bug was triggered by a timing of receiving a block change while requesting a tile. And the loading is doing nothing but requesting hundreds of tiles.

So… try it out. Hopefully the game will no longer provide a good excuse for “well I might as well stop anyway, 'cause I have to go to sleep now…” :slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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