New build 20110705 - With new tree goodness

Get it here:

This version has a few improvements but the most notable one is the new tree generation.

Here are the release nodes, though:

As far as the server goes, I cleaned out any “tile” that had fewer than four block changes so that they could be regenerated with the new trees. Of course, this leaves a lot of the populated world with the older sponge-on-a-stick trees… but at least the rest has new trees. Though because of this sometimes you will see tree tops or bottoms all by themselves where they vertically crossed a boundary between a newly generated tile and one that was from before.

Oh, also, to go with the new round tree trunks are stone, marble, and wood posts. The last of these will get a texture change at some point because the grain runs in the wrong direction and shouldn’t be bump mapped at minimum… I just forgot about it but really wanted to get this release out.

See the release notes above for details on other changes and fixes.