New build 20110714 - Multiple bug fixes and a new block type

As usual, download here:

Engine Test Build - Mythruna Wiki

Changelog here:

20110714 Release Notes - Mythruna Wiki


Improved memory use. Some networking communication performance enhancements.

Stored preferences… including the last screen resolution picked.

Updates to some of the textures and a new block type (thatch).

A handful of bug fixes.

Improved error logging on crash.

Here is an example of the thatched roof from the facebook gallery:

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I almost forgot its a block world when looking at that screenshot :open_mouth:

:smiley: cool!

is it possible to implement any kind of update mechanism? so everything the game runs it sync with the server to its latest revision.

You mean like automatically update the client?

These things are easy to implement but can be error prone and the other “game that shall remain nameless” game already does it. Also, it becomes tricky for any users that want to connect to multiple server versions for some reason. This is a feature that will have to wait until later and can be rolled into automatically downloading custom content, etc…

In the mean time, I will concentrate on more features that the “game that shall remain nameless” doesn’t have. :slight_smile:

Also, many of my updates don’t require an upgrade of the client… so I don’t force it. Lately, I’ve tried to include at least one new block type each time which means I have to force an upgrade… and means everyone is forced to upgrade to connect to my server. :slight_smile:

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FYI: No luck with my notebook, again.

Have to go to my other PC and play Mythruna again, all the new features look awesome :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time this sunday…

Your screenshots get awesomer and awesomer, the blocky-game apperience is polished over and over so it is a great mixture of realistic objects and the blocks to place, very well done!

Thanks. Sorry the problem isn’t fixed.

HI again :slight_smile:

I am experiencing occasional freezes, when for like 200ms the screen freezes but moving the mouse reveals part of the next frame in place where the mouse cursor (if it would be visible) hovers. This happens most often when I am running (in win7 64bit) with my processor (4core) limited at 44% speed (from windows Power Options), happens every 2-3 seconds and last about 1 second. It happens very rarely when at 77% cpu speed, maybe once every 10-15 seconds and lasts like 200ms.

This was in multiplayer, but it happens the same in singleplayer too (just tested).

Screenshots seem clean, in that, i cannot capture the part that I said with the mouse uncovering the next frame on top of the existing frozen one.

Using ati catalyst 11.6 … I wonder if it’s only my system doing this

EDIT: with 44%, I get 34 fps constantly, and with 100% I get 60fps (due to vsync on) and it did froze as often as with 44% (when I tested now) and it dropped to 12 and 9fps for those short times…

Does it do it always or only after running for a while? Is it standing still or when walking around? Do you have clip at the default 128 or have you upped it to 192?

I was standing still at all time, just looking around with mouse. Clip was 128m

EDIT: turned off all 3 sound options and still happens

EDIT2: it seems to settle after 2-3 mins

here’s some “screenshots” from when it’s frozen and I move my mouse :slight_smile:

EDIT3: btw, on win7 here’s where I have that setting on my processor, to limit it (and it will auto lower multiplier and voltage due to AMD Cool’n’Quiet I think):

That’s some pretty weird voodoo. :slight_smile: Those are almost nice pics of my castle, though. :slight_smile:

here’s a 90% mem pic, taken just now, while freezes were occurring (during all the time you see memstatus dumps)

503 Service Unavailable on imgur, so i’ll use some other

EDIT: I also noticed, this might seem important, but you know how after 2-3 mins (of being focused in game) it settles and never freezes again in that game session ?! if I alt+tab away from the game, before those 2-3 mins are up, when I alt-tab back after like 5-10 mins, it still freezes, as if it was paused and required 2-3 mins of game being focused…

I don’t know what to make of this but I’ve seen this on 2 separate occasions today

EDIT2: here’s more mem pic

Given that the display actually updates but is not fully shown, it doesn’t seem to be GC related. And the memory stats are sort of all over the place so there’s no consistent indicator there, either.

I’m sort of at a loss. Note: the next version that I’ll release some time today will have a /props command which will dump some of the system properties to console and all of the system properties to a file, as well as all of the information that I now include in an error dump. Which will include the memory usage.

At least we’ll be able to confirm which version of Java.

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(at this point I was using the next build that you already posted (20110716))

yep it’s(and was) using java 7, hence why that 518 number is 477 instead, and maybe that’s why this jitter thingy is happening…

I’ll try to see how to run it with java6u26 just to see if the jitter happens

EDIT: I uninstalled jre7 and jdk7 and it ran with java6u26 (as per /props) and in single player it still had the jitter issue, and the mem is the same 477 233 152

Weird. I wonder if anyone else sees this.

When you run the /props command it dumps a file to disk with even more information than what was displayed. I’m semi-curious to see if anything strange is in there. My e-mail address can be found on the main page of the mythruna wiki if the forum isn’t a good place for it for some reason.

caesar said:
FYI: No luck with my notebook, again.

Have to go to my other PC and play Mythruna again, all the new features look awesome :) Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time this sunday...
Your screenshots get awesomer and awesomer, the blocky-game apperience is polished over and over so it is a great mixture of realistic objects and the blocks to place, very well done!

@caesar, one thing I did with these recent versions is dump a lot more information in the error log dump file. If you get a chance can you try the latest release and send me the error-13513613616.log (where the number is unique) associated with the crash? Also, there should be a similarly date/timed client.log and mythruna-0.log. All of these together may give me enough information to pass on to the right folks.


hey there,

sure, but i only get a client.log and a mythruna.log, no error…log.

here are the files:

I was using Mythruna-20110716.

Shoot. I forgot the error happens in a different place than in-game crashes. I’ll rework where my error dump is done for next release.

GOT IT WOOOOORKING :slight_smile:

Yay finally Mythruna on my Notebook :slight_smile:

If anyone else has a ATI Card, try the newest driver and CCC (Catalyst Control Center), that did the trick for me yesterday. I reinstalled my notebook completely when I got it and the standard drivers delivered on the homepage, had no CCC or anything else.

So I found a link on the ATI homepage with a link to my notebook manufacturer and here I could chosse the ‘big edition’ with driver and CCC. Now I can play :slight_smile:

@caesar you mean 11.6b ?

AMD Catalyst™ 11.6b Hotfix: Resolves blue screen, screen flicker at idle and corrupt mouse pointer issues.

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