New build 20110922 - Property System, AKA: mass land-grab

Official announcement is here: New build 20110922 - Property System

But here is the text from that page:

Download here: Engine Test Build - Mythruna Wiki

Change log here: 20110922 Release Notes - Mythruna Wiki

So the big feature of this build is the new property system. It’s about 80% complete at this point and I’m sure we’re all bound to find lots of bugs with it. (In fact, I already found one in testing after release… but not serious enough to delay for now.)

Every player starts with one stronghold that they can place where they like. The maximum area is 1024 square meters… or about 32x32.

Right clicking on any of the markers will bring up a radial menu that lets you do stuff with it.

‘p’ brings up the property tab and you can see your holdings though this interface is only mildly helpful for strongholds right now. It will tell you what the current area size is.

Big note: I do reserve the right at this early stage to remove and/or move property borders as we work out the kinks of the system… and/or if people snag property that I know who already built something there.

Also: I’ve grabbed all of Spawntown which makes some of your buildings uneditable until I implement the ability to give out plots. Please be patient while I get that feature implemented but in the mean time I have a lot less griefing to fix now.

Some limitations:

-the property system is essentially 2D. A town or a stronghold claims an area on the map… so you can’t stack properties.

-currently corners must be placed “on the surface” which will make defining things like underwater cities kind of tough. In fact, water isn’t considered a surface when placing corners but will interfere with dragging them. Tongue Atlantis with its glass ceilings may be immune from this issue, actually.

-the bug I mentioned above is that the code used to find the elevation for the corner markers ignores non-natural materials… which is kind of lame. I will fix it with the next release but I then have to put in some other checking. But it’s what may allow the glass ceilinged cities to work.

Missing features:

-when dragging a property’s corners, there is no way to see how much of your maximum area is used yet.

-there is currently no way to give town plots to other players.

-the only way to get a town is to be granted one by an admin (me)… but that will be true for a long time.

-the property panel mini-map is not yet implemented.

-the world map does not show property borders.

-the world map does not allow you to turn off the labels for strongholds or cities/towns.

-you cannot give other player badges to allow them edit rights in your town for shared building… in fact, the whole badges system is missing from this release and is the bulk of the rest of the “property system”.

-there are no useful actions that can be performed from the property UI. Eventually there will be property-specific actions as well as actions you can perform on your property’s badges and sub-plots. (For example, currently the only way to rename a property is to go to it and right click on one of its markers… that’s lame but you will eventually be able to do it through the property UI. You will also eventually be able to randomly layout town plots from here.)

-for those of you who get granted towns, the town/cities section of your property ledger does not allow paging and so after 10 or so plots will leak out of the bottom. The town view panel has a working scroll bar, though.

But… there were pretty sizable infrastructure changes to make all of this happen and they will make other things much easier. The scripting system advanced quite a bit with this release as nearly 100% of the property handling code is in the scripting layer.

Lots of tweaking but I think the feature is getting there.

When I have the other 20% implemented (and maybe partially before that) I will put up some detailed wiki pages on how to use the property system. I will also post a tutorial video if GameToker doesn’t beat me to it… though he may need a tutorial video to learn enough to make the tutorial video. Smiley

Thanks for reading! Hopefully your exploration and mass land-grab goes well.


Wow cool, I probably should go online and flag my beach ^^

sounds cool :slight_smile: vid plz <3

If you already started your download before this message existed then you will need to grab it again. There was a major bug that slipped through my testing and I had to hastily post an update.

Yeah, I’ll do a video when I have all of the features so I can do a tutorial. :slight_smile:

normen said:
Wow cool, I probably should go online and flag my beach ^^

Yeah... let me know if you need an extra stronghold to grab more of the beach... or I can give you a town and you can just make it long and skinny or something.