New build 20110929 - One feature and some bug fixes

As usual, get it here:

Engine Test Build - Mythruna Wiki

The new feature is that sub-plots for towns can be given to other players. This means that those of you with buildings locked away (currently) inside the Spawntown borders can finally get permission to edit them again. Just coordinate with me in game some time and I will give you a spawntown plot.

Bug fixes:

-I fixed a nasty shader bug that caused crashes on Macs and potentially some other platforms.

-Tweaked the flame color… I still want to tweak it some more.

-Fixed a long standing issue with overbright lighting when putting the placeable lights right on things like stone or sand. In the day time the cumulative lighting effect was super blinding and made things look shiny. Placed lights and sun light now play a little better with each other.


See full changelog for details:

20110929 Release Notes - Mythruna Wiki

Old versus new, lighting tweaks:

And a comparison image of the flame colors:

awesome :] the lighting is definitely a big improvement

Aww, no more shiny mythruna? I liked it :slight_smile:

It’s still shiny in the right places. Just not in the “why is really rough rock glowing like that?” places.