New feature: explosions

There's now a class, com.jmex.physics.effects.ExplosionManager which contains a static method to create an explosion effect (just pushing DynamicPhysicsObjects away from a point in space). Check out the ExplosionTest.

So now there's really just the ragdolls left for v.05. Caveman, you said you wanted to do this part? Have you gotten my PM and email?


I was a little unsure of the name "ExplosionManager". Suggestions for anything better? :slight_smile:


Sorry, but as a non native speaker proper naming is a slippery ground for me  :expressionless:

However, in conjunction with Your other thread about removing the grav modes it strikes me that maybe this can

be used to make a point/planet like gravity effect ?? (using negative pushing force)

I've gone in similar thoughts :slight_smile: