New feature to blender importer will require one small additional dependency

Hello everyone,

it’s been a while since I added any new features to blender importer (only a small amount of bugfixes).
But now I am almost done with a nice new feature: importing filled 2D bezier curves.
I have decided to add this because this feature will be my base for implementing another: text import :smile:

There is only one thing: I will need one more dependency to the blender importer.
This is a small JAR (less than 800KB), so not too much, and has no other dependencies.

It’s repo is here

I use it at work and I know it is awesome :smile: It is LGPL licenced. Would it cause us any problems ?

Despite the fact that it will help me with the current and another feature it will also help me to reduce amount of code in current importer functions because it has some functionality I wrote before myself.

Let me know if adding this dependency (one line in gradle: compile (‘com.vividsolutions:jts-core:1.14.0’))
would be OK ?