<--- New floating menu on the left

There has been a lot of discussions about the site layout and about missing useful items in the top menu.
Also the fact that the top menu was hidden when scrolling down was not to everybody’s taste.

So to alleviate these issues I added some very useful entries to the top menu : how to get answers, Math for dummies, Scenegraph for dummies. We had them since a long time with previous Forum softwares we used, but they didn’t survive the switch to discourse. Now they are resurrected… If you never read them, I suggest you do btw.

To alleviate the second issue I also made a floating menu on the left that replicates the top menu entries (without the forum one that is actually pointless since you already are on the forum page).
This menu will follow the scrolling movement as the Header does, so it’s always visible.
If you want to use those links in a post you just have to drag them from the menu and drop them in the text area.

I tried to make it fit with the overall site design, if you don’t like it, feel free to complain to your mother, because I won’t hear a word . Mhuhuhahahauahahahah :chimpanzee_evil:

EDTI : forgot to say that the left menu is hidden if the size of the browser window make it display over the title (bleow 1525 pixels) So you won’t see it if the size of your window it too small. I’ll do something clever about it another day.


Omg math for dummies is the thingy I consult the most often (being an idiot and all that)… glad to have it easily accessible again :).

i like that “how to get answers” the most :smiley: