New form of freezing in JMP

Hi to all!

Today, I’m downloaded last SVN-version of jMonkey.

And JMP freeze but in another way: freeze immediately after running.

I guess other open windows and the SceneViewer start due to the welcome screen fail together, theres still a problem with the SceneViewer being hidden when its started.

Try disabling the Welcome screen, if you cannot reach the checkbox to disable the welcome screen, you can create a file in your jMonkeyPlatform settings folder:


After that when jMP starts normally, close all code etc. windows in the center space and open the SceneViewer via the Windows menu.

I’m simple do “ant zip” and unpacked archive in another folder and it work :slight_smile:

I’m have another problem with JMP. If I’m tryning to create JmeTests project it displays: jar:file:/home/uzytkownik/jme/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/modules/com-jme3-gde-templates-tests.jar!/com/jme3/gde/templates/tests/



in com-jme3-gde-templates-tests.jar

is empty :frowning:

You are missing the project zip files. When you build jMP from the sources, please do it according to the manual. Use the build.xml in trunk/ to be sure all targets are called when the app is built. If you dont want to change anything in jMP, just use the release version… You can update it to nightly.

I’m according to build_platform :: jMonkeyEngine Docs do:


svn co jme3-sdk


cd jme3-sdk


ant build


ant run

But this display: jar:file:/home/uzytkownik/jme/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/modules/com-jme3-gde-templates-tests.jar!/com/jme3/gde/templates/tests/


Ok, I added a missing zip-templates target to the build.xml in svn… Still, if you just want to use jMP for coding, download the release version.