New forum, new server, new everything

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The tags/categories instead of forum subforums is going to take some getting used to, but its not bad.
[/quote] Uhm, there are no tags yet. They will be introduced in the next version of Discourse, but it might take a while until we start using them. Right now we’re only using Categories & Sub-categories. There is a significant category-restructuring coming really soon though.

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I like that the latest posts is default, but if I were a new user, it would definitely be confusing to me because most forums have subforums first, but it is easy to get used to.
[/quote]Actually Discourse automatically shows new users the Top tab, which displays the most popular (based on likes, views, participants etc.) threads on the forum. I’ve experienced this on other Discourse forums and I think it’s a great way to get started on a forum.

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What I’d really like to see eventually is some color matches between the forum and the sdk.
[/quote]That would indeed be cool, but unlikely to happen any time soon. Without even going into the technical challenges, agreeing on a common color scheme is ridiculously difficult and requires a dominant designer-mind to drive a singular vision through.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into that mobile editor text problem.

p.s. Your post would have been much easier to read in list-form. Check the editor buttons :wink:

I really like the new forum. It’s a whole lot easier to navigate than the old one, and when I do my late night programming, the website doesn’t blind me. Excellent.

The badge system is neat too, because it encourages forum activity, and gives being part of the community an even more fun edge.

Also, it looks as though the website was designed with mobile devices in mind, as it has that Material design to it. Very simple and elegant. Love it.

Thanks to all who have helped make this migration, not just from server to server, but from old to new.

I think this would be a good thread for people to leave comments about the new forum.

Thanks for the input. I merged your topic back in here because it’s on-topic.

“Reply as linked Topic” is best used when what you want to say is related, but will probably derail the core of the discussion.

Ah, ok, sorry. I didn’t see the reply button when I looked for it at first, and I assumed the thread had been locked.

I like the new forum style and I’m agree that the new color is more relaxing but it’s true that it is not as “inviting” as a light color scheme. I find the scheme shown by PewPewKapowie awesome (personally I would change the yellow bars by the current gray but it’s really fine) and more inviting as he says, so… Isn’t it possible to have two scheme colors and select it on the user’s preferences?.

Oh, yes, a feature I miss from the old forums is the java code highlighting and the easy way to add it (now, with the indentation system, it sometimes goes crazy when pasting code and marking it)

Whatever, very great job :smiley:.

you can have the java hightlighting, try ` x3 + java (see How to type code blocks - #2)

class MySuperCode {

Thanks, in that link is said with ‘’’ but is like you said (```)

Google wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. Can you point me to some place specific so I can have a look?

It was planned for a while, then it got unplanned. You’re very welcome to sign up on Meta to add your Like and comments to the post. The recommended workaround for now is to use

UPDATE: Social logins now enabled.

Sorry, I was talking about one of this same post comments:

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Don’t you think the white will strain your eye if you spend a good chunk of time on the forum?

Oh I see. So many people here, I forgot @PewPewKapowie was a person, sorry mate :smiley:

I’m more used to white/bright layouts myself so it took some convincing to make me accept this dark theme, but the more I use it the more I like it actually. Much like how I’ve started reading Kindle books in dark-style now, heh.

But like already mentioned, it’d be great if Discourse supported per-user theme selection, so please visit the thread linked above and help me poke the Discourse developers.

I just wanted to thank all of the people involved in this transition for the hard work put in <3

Yes, but I find it more inviting to external people too. That’s why I’m agree and disagree with this style. For myself, I find prettiest the light version but I prefer the dark one because of is more eye relaxing, and just because of this I wouldn’t remove this dark version but add a “per user” system, letting the light version as default for not logged in users and the dark version for those that spend a lot of time and prefer it.

That’s a fair point. Lets see if Erland come up with a way to do that.

Update: You can now reply by email.

@erlend_sh I realized that isn’t possible to edit old comments (those that were posted before the server update). Is this just temporal, permanent, or I’m just missing something? (some of them became a mess with the forum change so I would like to fix that)

Good point. I’ve set it to “forever” for now. Please check if you can make edits.

This might change again later.

@erlend_sh yep, now it’s possible, thanks :smiley:

These thread descriptions on pinned posts are kinda distracting, honestly, I mean these: (btw don’t know how to paste images)

But after refreshing the page through header they are gone
Any idea how to keep them like this forever?