New forum, new server, new everything

Either drag and drop an image directly into the post editor, or paste a complete URL and Discourse will display it as an image.

Well, my urls are complete, I guess there should be an extension in the url?

I’d like to say grats on the new page, and getting everything underway. It looks like you guys have been doing a lot of work around here and it shows.

I’d also like to express my complete disappointment in going with discourse. It’s probably the only forum software I’ve ever used that has actively contributed to me dropping websites. As it is right now the JME forums still need a lot of work to win me over to continue utilizing them. Hopefully you guys can pull off something great.

Do you mind elaborating on that? You’re the first one here to express such strong discontent.

I dislike the navigation, the top jmonkeyEngine button forces you back to the hub, so there’s currently no way to get out of this sub-site and back to the main page.

The topics aren’t like other forum categories, I like distinct categories, on a front splash page that I can click into to get a nice list of topics, this only exists in the category view, which is a mess.

Because all categories is the default, all pinned topics unrelated to each other show up at the top. In my mind pinned topics should only show in their respective categories.

The category view tries to do something like other forums, but it’s a mess. the sub-categories are tied to sub-colors which can be a main topic color making them confusing.

The sub-categories have no ordering to them, they’re just bunched together wherever they can be to fit on a line. This makes it more difficult to peruse at a quick glance.

If a topic is in a sub-category I can’t actually tell what category it is in when viewed from the all-filter. Color-coding is not enough of a specifier when the full key is not immediately available, and even then I shouldn’t need to go look at a key to be able to tell which category a thread is in.

When I look at my screen, 2/3rds of it is empty cause of the horizontal layout. This means images or content is shrunk much more compared to other types of forum software.

The way banner topics come onto the screen is not like an actual banner, they are overlayed over the top of the webpage. I absolutely do not like this. Other forums generate a notice/pop-down that shoves the rest of the page down to dispaly the notice/banner like an actual… banner.

I can’t immediately see who started a topic from the category views without moving my mouse over to a user icon and waiting for a pop-up to show up, and even then I’m just guessing that the first icon is actually the topic starter, I’m not 100% sure on that.

I can’t see when the topic was started in the category view, only when the last post was made. And last post made is given in d:h:m since now, not MM:DD:YY - HH:MM:SS etc. This is distinctly different than most forum software’s I’ve used.

That’s all the stuff I can see right now, I’m sure there’s other stuff around that I’m leaving out, hope this list helps you guys out.

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FYI, at the bottom of your preference page, you can “mute” every categories that you don’t care. The muted “categories” will no longer appear in “latest” view,…

Well actually that’s funny because you seem to use a lot Categories. I personally don’t, and what you hate is actually what I like in discourse.
In previous forums we had, I only used the latest topics view, because I read everything and I dont want to go browse all categories.
If it were just me I would have ditched out all the categories because they are no use to me.
But of course I’m not alone, and somehow people like things well tied up in categories and all.

Maybe you missed it, but you can unpin pinned topics by clicking the pin. They won’t show as pinned topics for you anymore.
Banner topics are a bit weird, I agree, we used it as a test for the ‘Welcome back’ message, but I’m not sure we’ll use again in the future. Erlend will decide on that.
About the “Who started the post”, the first icon is the one that started the topic, the glowing one is the author of the last post. We’d also have liked that the name of the author be displayed, and we actually could modify the pages so it does.
But we don’t want to go crazy about customization and we want to keep the forum as genuine as possible to the raw discourse, to ease up the upgrades and maintenance (and not go into the plugin installation furry as we did with previous forum).
Now in practice I found that, if you often read the forum, you kind of get used to the avatars and you can get who’s talking without a mouseover needed.

Unfortunately, we knew we couldn’t content everyone. Until now people seemed to be pretty positive about the change, I’m sorry you don’t feel like them.

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Why don’t you guys, parse the entire forum db and replace the [java] [/java] tags with


so olds posts can be seen fine without needing to edit them?

That’s definitely something we can and will address shortly.

The rest seems to largely center around your personal preference for a forum category view. Like @nehon, I hardly ever use that page, so I find it hard to empathise with your view. That said, the category page is indeed one of Discourse’s weakest components, and judging by the talk on it sounds like it’ll undergo another redesign soon.

I appreciate you taking the time to provide input, really.

We plan to :smile: Just taking a short breather after the initial migration sprint.

Good job guys! I really like the new site!

Hey, a lot of links and info in the wiki is wrong. I can’t log in with my forum user/pass. When is this going to be worked on / how can I help?

Also, I am still using 3.0 stable, how can I update to the master branch on github? @normen

There is no other stable release, if you want the development version you have to build it yourself. It constantly breaks though and has a lot of issues.

I moved 8 posts to a new topic: Custom theme for SDK through “Look and feel” setting

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

Really like the new site.

Just writing to say that for colorblind people, the method names in green are hard to read.

Not a huge concern since I can still read them by selecting the code or by squinting like George Costanza.

Hey thanks for the feedback.
You mean in the forum code blocks or on the wiki?

Forum code block, sorry for imprecision and thanks for looking into it.

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