New forum, new server, new everything

Yeah gotta agree that looks pretty awesome.

Awesome! Go monkey go! :smile:

Great! nice colors and all… way to go!

wow i like it !!!
much better than last one :slight_smile:

After that the dust settles a bit, can we please have access to the PM of the old platform? It’s ok if they can’t be migrated, I just have some information there that I probably need & want to read again.
Thanks! :smile:

mhh, we have the data.
Discourse PM system is completely different, because it’s more private topics, that involve several users. that’s pretty neat. unfortunately that didn’t blend in easily with the previous PM structure. And since we wanted to be as fast as possible, we didn’t import them.

We will think of a way to give access to previous PMs.

Great! For me, it’s ok to just dump them on a google document.

:hankey: i like it dark :slight_smile:

Congratulation mokeys! I really love this new forum! I hope to find some time to get back to work on nifty-gui and niftyeditor soon!! Keep up with the awesome work!

Remember its part of the official 3.1 repo already :slight_smile:


Awesome work :).

I love the fact we are immediately brought to the last posts page.

Also a perfect time to ask really basic and thoroughly answered questions, because normen can’t shame us by pointing us to the nuub links for a lil :D.
On a more serious note: those documents for dummies are brilliantly done and incredibly helpful and I would really like to have them back where they were if possible.

Awww… I lost the avatar that was assigned to me. The avatar looked like an idiot that had just done something terribly idiotic and was feeling queasy… perfect example of randomness generating real information :D.

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Good work :smiley:
But i think you have something wrong with your dns configuration for mandrill. Thunderbird marks every emails from the forum as a possible scam.

Everything is looking really nice.
My only complaint would be to directly show the year of a post, just showing the month and day will probably cause more thread necromancy than is necessary.

Also that instant preview shown next to the reply I’m typing is awesome!

it is fast! I like the dark theme (like oblivion at IDEs), but… where are the monkey smiles?
EDIT: oh btw, could the “like this post” be just a simple “+1”? hehe,

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Hello to all,

I am glad to read and see the news. i hope everything goes right. I had a long time without jmonkeyengine, but this weekend i have free time and would like to work with a new and nice idea.
At the download page i get some errors and broken links :slight_smile: i dont want to sound ruthless, but if someone has a direkt link to a jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK (Windows 64bit), i would be very happy:)

Have a nice weekend and/or effective work.

Finally! I’m glad it’s finally back, and looking so fresh.

I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Download page shows a 404 error

I could really do with those tutorials too, don’t mean to pile the pressure on but is there an ETA?, also is there anyway to get a pdf of the tutorials?

Press F1 in the SDK, select the tutorial, press “Print” and select “export to PDF”.

Woaow, new website online. It is amazing and I love the dark color theme.
So much features and cool things :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot to all of the monkeys that have worked hard on it <3.