New Hub Theme

I’ve been working on a new theme for the community forum/hub to bring a little bit of freshness and life to the skin that we have right now.

Whilst tweaks and changes are being made you can enable this theme by clicking:

Avatar -> Username -> Preferences -> Interface -> Theme -> jMonkeyTheme

Alternatively you can Preview the theme.

Please feel free to let me know your opinions and report any bugs or issues you may have found.



i switched to the new theme. Looks very good. :+1:

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Just switched. The new theme looks really good, although I do find the bright orange text on the very dark backgrounds a little jarring - personally I think turning the font brightness down just a little would be a little bit easier on the eyes.

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Funny thing I complained about the opposite.
Not for the orange font but all in all I felt it could use some more contrasts (especially the gray tones).
But I also tuned down my monitor brightness to 30% or something, so I already had a native dark theme :stuck_out_tongue:

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I switched as well, though I must say I prefer the old theme. There’s something about the black and orange combo that makes it look very bright and futuristic-ish. Not something you usually want on a website unless it’s about scifi or something overall colorful. That said, I love the fixed header bar, finally the links won’t be all over the place on mobile anymore.

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I again miss the easy links to javadoc and source on the main forum page. It’s the JME page that Ieave open and I use those links to quickly jump to javadoc and github almost daily.

At least they are still on the posts page… but that doesn’t help me in a slack or discord conversation.

Edit: at least it’s a popup instead of a separate page. Still, two clicks are more than one. :slight_smile:

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I second that. Like links for ease of use. Maybe if the dropdowns were hoverable to open?

Edit: As a side note, I have never been a fan of dark themes. Were dealing in text and light background with dark text has always been easiest for me to read.

I wouldn’t recommend this for overall site but as an example, the save edit button with gold background and black text pops more than chocolate with white text.

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New one looks awesome to me. Good to have choices. I like how it’s a bit darker.

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Well crap, I guess if you go black, you can never go back. The original theme is no longer an option…


I like the new theme, and I agree with @grizeldi about loving the fixed header bar.

Nice work @jayfella!

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Nice work @jayfella. It looks very good :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll adjust the orange accents so they’re easier on the eye.

I’ll also put a another direct link button on the right hand side for javadoc @pspeed.

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I’ve added the javadoc button. You may need to CTRL+R or something. I also added a subtle hover effect for them. I think it finishes them off nicely.

I’ve muted the orange a little - it seems to “pop” less than the previous color. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

I changed the navigation colors to green instead of just a darker orange. It suits a monkey-forest theme and gets rid of so much orange everywhere.

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github and javadoc buttons need padding.

Just checked out the new theme on my laptop - it’s looking great! Thanks @jayfella!

is there some “make default” date known? :slight_smile:

or it gonna be just option forever?

There’s no “date” per se - I use it as my default and if I spot any issues i correct them. If I don’t see any issue within the space of a couple of weeks I’ll probably make it default. It’s not a huge subset of code, and virtually all changes are just CSS - so I don’t consider it something that I should exercise utmost caution with.

One more issue… on iOS the top navigation bar covers the forum controls (home, use preferences, etc). It’s only an issue on my phone, and I don’t have an Android device to test Chrome.

The header menu shouldn’t even be visible on mobile. Are you using “request desktop site”?

I finally found what my gripe with this theme was: the jme logo yellow is nowhere else to be found, so it sticks out in the header quite a bit.

You could either repaint the logo text or add some yellow into the theme.