New Leafs Performance Problem

Well, the new leafs look great but… they make my computer extremely slow. I usually have 20-25 FPS (sometimes they reach the 30) and with leafs I get 10-15 FPS (and if they are many, 5-10 FPS). I would love to know if it is possible to make a option so we can get the old leafs style back. :slight_smile:

PS: Yeah, I know, my PC sucks, but I can’t get better… :frowning:

Cant say I experience anything similar… Performance is the same. Maybe your card dont like alphachannels?

My card is one of the worst NVIDIA cards. Anyway, see here:

If I go somewhere with less trees/trees far away my FPS reach the 18:

In the last release my FPS are about 20-25, which is much better than 10.

Sorry the performance is worse. They look so much prettier.

I don’t think it’s alpha as the old trees had alpha also, though just not as much of it. The new trees render more polygons, that’s for sure.

I will consider an option to revert the geometry of the new leaves to be green sponges.

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Thanks. I hope it doesn’t give a lot of work, but hopefuly is just change the render behaviour of the tree leafs based on the user option, so there is no need to re-generate the maps. :slight_smile:

There isn’t a need to regenerate the maps. A “block” is a number. A number is used to look up a factory which could be swapped at runtime. I’ve partially implemented this just since my last post.

I even tested that the triangle count goes down… because the other thing is that even the tree geometry is different. But I think the difference is significant enough that it will improve performance for you.

The hardest part is adding the options to the menu… which is already pretty full so I have split out another options menu. Also, if you set it at runtime then it won’t rerender any trees that are already drawn until you leave the areas and come back… though you could set the option before you enter the game. And that leads to fixing the issue where options are not saved from one run to the next.

The hard part is simple and the simple parts are hard. :slight_smile: Though they all need to be done anyway.