New models for INDIEs

Good day!

We are proud to present you our new packs, that includes:

Baseman character INDIE and FULL;


Completely FREE Extinguisher and Barrel advanced packs.


We are not gonna stop production of new packs! You can leave here your wishes and maybe next week you’ll get it done!

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What kind of sources are better for jME?

What kind of texture format will be better?

o3one said:

What kind of sources are better for jME?

Collada *might* work for skeletal anim, but if at all possible you should also include md2 with morph-target animation. Md5 seems to work better for skel-anim, so add that too. For static meshes any of the "usual suspects" obj or 3ds will work just fine.

o3one said:

What kind of texture format will be better?

DDS with precomputed mipmaps and texture compression should be included for faster loading.

Thanx for your answer, for now we working on COLLADA export. Then, now we know other formats and gonna work on. How do you feel about our site? Will it be situable for jME devs?

Good day,

we have just released our new packs, here are some screenshots:

Of course, some new completely FREE models released. You can download them right now!


We’ve made $10.00 Xmas discount for all 3D assets! Make yourself a present by really interesting price!

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New FREE models added:


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What assets do you actually provide? In general, for modern games you'd want high- and low-poly meshes (with two or three LODs), diffuse color map, normal map and/or height bump map, and gloss map. It looks to me as if the models you're showing have the lighting baked into the diffuse color map?

Well, we provide everything you listed for objects, it’s all included in our packs. Unfortunately, our characters have only one texture yet. What concerns “baked” - you can watch the demo video, for example (at the bottom of the page), it shows model demo and the lighting also. And, sure, you can download our free models as well.


New pack submited wich includes all of our props

They all have a very simple layered texture source, so you can modify the style in 5 minutes, just turning some layers on/off and color correct one or two.

We are planning to launch a forum at our site, just interested if it would be helpful.

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Does the animated character import cleanly with animations into jME?

Sorry, we have no experience with importing our models to jME yet…  :frowning:

Good day,

we’ve just launched our forum! Now you are able to leave us messages about packs ideas, bug reporting and simply talk to 3dgda developers. We invite all interested to visit our forums!

Other good news are that we finally managed to upload our Advanced props pack on Plimus payment system and you can purchase it without any difficuilties.


3dgda development team.

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Dear friends, we are glad that finally we get to the new year. We hope it would be more interesting, more exciting and more, more, more!

We’ve cut Advanced props pack price in a half. How are you about such a present?

Happy new year!

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Good day!

All January we were booked, so haven’t done any new packs. Hope we will develop some new stuff for indies soon.

Here are screenshots of our contract work for Gnostaria. Thanks Matt, who allows us to post WIP screenshots!

This male character has all parts separately, so Matt could change them in-game easily, taking on or off. Also all armour have specular and normal-map textures to improve detail level.

It was really hard to skin this character but we hope this is a worthwhile.

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Looks really good… and good to know that you contract work to :slight_smile:


Our medieval villager pack released and avaliable in our store!

Here are some screenshots:

This pack is a multimesh character designed for you to develop your own characters.

In a full version you will get all sources, including villager.max. Edit it - delete parts you do not need and simply export needed engine format. And you will get your own unique character!

Layered PSD sources are also included, so texture editing will be simple and quick!

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Good morning!

We have launched new chracter production in medieval/fantasy style named Angel.

He will have base cork skeleton, so it will be compatible with Torque Motion pack!

Of course, this character will have LOD’s and standard next-gen texture set.

Here is WIP screenshot. Yes he doesn’t have wings for now - it is fixable  :wink:

Continuing with other works now in progress…

Medieval destructible props pack includes 2 objects already.

Here is the latest one - throne.

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It was quite slow but effective production and finally we released our angel pack!

It has next-gen texture set and 25 animations, including very rare ones, like sleeping :slight_smile:

You could get more information at angel product page.

Here are some screenshots:

If you would like to trace angel production from the beggining to the end just look in our forums!

Any comments are welcome! We hope you will like it:)

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Maybe a Car pack?!

Im making a muscle car game.

Maybe a mustang could be nice :wink: