New models for jME3

Good news everyone! I decided to share my 3D Models with the community, with other words I contribute some of my Ankhel models. Some Eye-Candys for jME3 xD.


BSE, you are allowed to use the models for commercial projects, if jME3 is an essential part of the project. You are allowed to modify them, but in doing so, you accept the same rules for your new models as the orignal, except you are allowed to contribute them under your name (credits are still nice :wink: ). You are not allowed to sell them, contribute them or abuse them as your own work. It happened once, therefore … it’s not against you guys. If you want to use them for anything other, ask me!


This is the first character I release. I update all my Ankhel Models, meaning the following weeks more will come. Hope I can release every week one!


If I get some help, I’m more than willing to add animations! My problem is ogre!

I tried and failed(without animations). If someone can give me a crash course, I would appreciate that. Don’t worry, I am a quick learner :wink:

Sweet! What format is this?

obj format

Like I told, I have no success with ogre xD

Whoa, cool! Maybe this could be the first use for that “asset pack” thing I was thinking about for jMP…

I thought a hero is a bit lonely, without an monster. The “Cracked Golem” is a hard nut for every adventurer.


The golem can have any color, because the “texture” is an alpha texture (layer 2). You will see what I mean xD

Cracked Golem

These are great!

Although, since they are characters, it would be nice to have them animated, which unfortunately isn’t possible with the OBJ format.

Ya, i’m working on that.

It’s not that easy for me, since i have to use some new tools xD