New neuroscience application built on jMonkeyEngine

Hi all,

 I wanted to take this opportunity to invite the jMonkeyEngine community to check out the Whole Brain Catalog (, an open source, multi-scale virtual catalog of the mouse brain.  Think Google Earth for the brain, and you have about the right idea for this application.  On our site you can check out a gallery of shots that come from the Catalog (  I invite you all to try out the app, available for java web start download from our website (, and to check out our developers site (, where all the code is freely available.  

   Our developers have been contributors to the forums for several months now and we have benefited tremendously from the jMonkeyEngine community, as well as contributing back.  Thanks for being a great community and providing such an awesome library!


That's wildly interesting!  The zoom's a bit funky to use though, is there a suggested method for doing that?


It’s not like JME does a couple push-ups either, this is the complete workout:

For neuroscientists, a new way to share:

The application's scope is anything but modest. It is designed to work at all levels, incorporating 2-D photos of large brain slices as easily as it can add individual molecules imaged in three dimensions using electron microscopy. And it's not just static data--it can use sequences of images to render detailed simulations of brain activity. One popular demonstration at the catalog's booth is an animation of new neuron growth in the dentate gyrus, based on data from a recent Neuron paper.

And thanks so much for making direct mention of the JMonkeyEngine all over the place :) It's so cool that even though your subject matter is completely beyond the rest of us, we are still able to help thanks to the way open source technology openly overlaps several sectors of science for the common goal.

Bet some of those helpful Joe's on the forum will be happy to know they have participated in furthering research of neuroscience. That's one for the resumé, ha, ha.

Spread the word to the closed minded: Open source can save your brain, fools!

As for feedback, I suppose where we might be able to help would be user friendliness. I had a couple issues with your interface, so if you don't mind I'll come back with some feedback on that later.

Awesome.  Thanks for the replies.  We would love any critical feedback any of you have; absolutely.  Anything we can help to explain as well would be terrific.