New Programmer (BIG IDEAS)

Hello there JME,

I’ve had many thoughts on what I wanted to do with my life and have found that I love playing/edditing games. I would love to become a programmer and create a game for Android/iOS then to port them to other consoles if it becomes a hit. I know what gamers want, I’ve seen the increase in mobile app devolpment and I would like to be the frist game company to create a game that no one will be able to set down without thinking twice about it. I’m only an 18yr Jr in highschool, but have learnt alot by checking out some books on Java and watching many game development videos. This is still new to me, but I know I can do it with the help of this online community.

Games such as Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios, Order and Chaos, and or Graal Online have been a big hit. Many do not think of Graal Online as a profit maker, but with the amount of players added every day, they revenue more than 10k per week (or more). The game is simply a 2d game that releases “rare” items and removes the “Trade System”, making it easy to scam other players and gain the most rares possible to show off (pointless, but really fun…), with thier new VIP system, many people are willing to go buy Gralats (IAP) for real money. The game I would like to create will be similar to all of these games (minus O&C). What I would like to know is, will JME be able help me create this game? Can it be done with JME? How long would it take for a beginner? I only know a little on Java.

All I am asking is will JME will be able to support me in my goal to become the best I can be.

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@RubicWorld said: (...) How long would it take for a beginner?
This is the million dollar (or single flake of toilet paper, depending on how you look at it) question. Now obviously we can't just tell you anything exact, but from what you've told us so far? I'd say it'd take you 5 years to make one of those games, by yourself, with the experience you have right now.

Why? Because you wouldn’t have your game in your first go. You’ll either find yourself reiterating on the one big game several times over, or (smart choice) you’ll start out making several smaller games, gradually increasing in complexity (have you done pong for Android yet?). What games, if any, have you made so far?

Also, you haven’t mentioned an artist yet. Would that artist be you or are you planning to collaborate with or pay someone?

Now, you’ve done everything right up to this point. You’re learning programming, you’re excited about what you’re doing and you’re confident you’ll be able to create something that people will want to play. Great! But it sounds like you need a bit of a reality check: