New project: Cabo Trafalgar

Hi all

I’ve been working in a new project for some months, it still sucks, but it’s my baby and feel pride of it. (Open Sourced by the way)

The goal of this project is to provide with the base and enough complements to have a naval battles simulator, but still possible to extend it for sailing races.

This is my first approach to the games world, quite unexperienced and unskilled for artistics works. Every help will be appreciated.

That’s all, thanks for your help in such an active forum, I’ve solved all my doubts through it.




Getting some stuff done, it is actually a (simple) game!!

It’s working alright :slight_smile: Looks more like a sailing race simulator than a naval battles simulator from what you’ve shown so far though. What have you got planned (or implemented already) for the battle simulations?

I have to make the vessels navigate before making them kill, else it’d be very boring! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have nothing yet implemented for battles, my intention (medium run) is to provide canyons and boarding, I’d like to make it realistic.

Just in case you haven’t read anything in the project wiki, these are the targets (long run):

“What can you expect when we say we are done!

I wanna navigate

We provide a game for ship racing, as much complex as you desire, but we assume you like navigating and we want to provide a similar experience.

Networking, real physics and close-enough models are necessary for this goal.

Nice populations, world competitions, extra realistic weather are a nice to have.

I wanna kill

Maybe you like sailing, but you love battles. We offer you the possibility of commanding a ship in a multiplayer battle.

Collaborative with other human and IA driven ships, against other human and IA driven ships.

Collaborative within the ship, you can delegate functions such as navigation, canyons, communications or boarding, to another human or IA, or maybe you prefer to play it yourself.

Some good models, deep investigation on physics for inexistent ships, ranking on strategy and successes, real historical battles, campaigns, learning of historical strategies and apply them to IAs…”

But it’s a looong way, impossible by myself or at least 5 years.

And going on, version 0.1 released, and new blog for it

and google code for collaborations

I hope you like it.

Time for an update:

Released 0.4.0!!!

Version info and main features:
File downloadable from and
Take a look (through the blog) to the build system (artifactory, jenkins, sonar using maven)

Video with some features

I hope you enjoy it!!


The “video” is only an image somehow. Still, good to see you still going :slight_smile:

Let’s try again

a lower quality video uploaded to the blog as well

Thanks for the info.

Better video:

Wow, nice, seems like you have some intricate steering/external influence system going there :slight_smile: Keep it up!

Well guys, version 0.9 Released, impossible to tell everthing that has went on during all these months, just a brief brief summary…

Spring, Maven, Jenkins, my own implementation of a flow control for nifty-gui screens (sharing with them is an ongoing work), Added remote functionality to log in and share results of races with a central server, that of course, is managed by Chef under a cycle of continuous deployment and continuous delivery…

And game wise? Not so many changes, I learned to sail myself, and surprisingly, my intuition was right most of the time, I’ve added a second ship, more realistic movements, telemetry for debugging purposes, more commands, although the model is crappy yet… More maps, selectable with descriptions and pictures, mor, elements to play with like tidal water…

Not it’s more a game than ever before, profile management, key configuration is stored per-profile, scores are downloaded from my server, password-less approach to account management…

And what’s coming?

  • It’s own music (Thanks Enrique Gomez-Cabrero)
  • Better models (I wish I had more help here)
  • Better dynamics
  • More controls
  • Collaboration of several players in the same ship
  • More maps, more elements in the maps…

This project is not dead!! never felt more alive!!

Please, feel free to give it a try, maybe you like it :smile:

Instructions and links:


And finally!! Video trailer available with the game footage

Video available in facebook
Cabo Trafalgar Simulator - Accueil | Facebook (edited)

And in the usual blog

I hope you like it, and many thanks for this framework, without it, this game wouldn’t have been possible.

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facebook link is saying its no page available for me.
also the youtube video for some reson does not allow seeking? o.O

Anyway looks nice so far from what i can see :slight_smile:

Facebook link is busted for me, too.

Temporary Facebook link until I have a desktop to edit the previous:

Facebook url edited, awesome, it’s wrong in the video as well :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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