New Release

It's about time for a new release (been a year since the last).

I'm going to keep a list of what has changed in this last year here, if everyone can help me out to update it, I'd appreciate it. I'll go back and edit this post as features are brought up that I forgot about.

  • Skin and Bone System
  • Skeletal Animation System
  • COLLADA Importer
  • Batches
  • Support of LWJGL 1.0
  • Font3D
  • Improved Render State Management
  • FBO support
  • Optimized Collision system
  • Sound System revamp
  • Base classes for editor widgets & Improved particle editor
  • water shader
  • bloom shader
  • Importer/Exporter system with binary format implementation
  • Applet support
  • nonshader dot3 bump map support
  • Enhanced Multi-threaded support
  • Game Control
  • Various bug fixes/optimizations

Off top of my head… (some of these might have been .10?)

  • Base classes for editor widgets & Improved particle editor
  • Various GLSL effects  (edit: water and bloom)
  • Importer/Exporter system with binary format implementation
  • Applet support
  • nonshader dot3 bump map support?

Yeah, it's really time for a new release. :slight_smile:

maybe add "better multi-threading support"?

And what about this nice effect stuff? (water, bloom etc.)  (edit: err, ok, renanse already had them ://)

We've now got quite a nice feature list.  I vote we consider this a 1.0a and move forward towards a stable 1.0rc

1.0a/rc - cool :smiley: - with a maintenance branch for 1.0?


we should(could) also make a list of what things to do outside the actual release, like updating our site(featurelist etc), updating the list and screenshots on, posting news on and so on…

The GameControls system has been added since the last release (nobody has probably looked at it, but it's a very nice system).

Also, I'll have the GameConsole system finished by this weekend, do you guys think it should be included in jmex?

I have no problem marking this as 1.0a if we agree that there will be no more major new features for the 1.0release. The only thing I can think of that might want to get in before a 1.0 that would require holding off on marking this as 1.0a is an interior solution. However, we might not really need to worry about such a feature for 1.0.

I've updated the list to reflect everyone's suggestions.

I agree…but as a side note, GameControls don't have anything to do with states…it's a system built on top of the jME input system.

I'm assuming the lack of response from anyone means that nobody has any interest in the GameConsole system?  I don't have a problem not including it in jME but I can see where it might be beneficial as something that even SimpleGame has built-in as an alternative to having all the keybindings you have to remember.  It has no external dependencies and relies entirely on the built-in Text.

We are making a core release first and foremost, are we not?  Additions to jmex are exciting and worth noting, but technically are not necessarily part of jme core.  (iow darkfrog, if it makes sense to put a console implementation into a jmex package at some point, it could be done at any point, pre or post 1.0 release.)

my opinion only though.

You're right, and this probably wasn't the thread to mention it in, I was simply wanting to get some sort of response as I've mentioned it in a couple different threads without any developer response yet.

if you feel it fits well into jmex put it in. we should have a discussion in another thread about what we want the jmex package to contain, and what to put in external libs(still maintained by us, i think).

…okay…I just get accused of sticking too much stuff into the repository and then when I try to take a step back and get some opinions before I stick something in I get no response…just trying to figure out the best way to handle this stuff. :wink:

I'll probably get it into the repository this weekend, but I'm probably going to keep some extension features in my own repository since they would add dependency requirement for Java 1.6 and some 3rd party libraries.

Sorry for diverting this thread…back on topic I think we should make an announcement to the users and let them know a specific date that this release will be finalized and hopefully get some response on open issues that we can take care of before that date.

that was nothing against you, i honestly think we should have a discussion about jmex and things like that…(in another thread)


Pushing on this again…

Sun wants a stable version they can have everyone use for the JavaOne dev contest.  They are considering using .10, which seems a shame since so much was improved and added in .11 beta.  It would be nice to see a list of what stands in the way (if anything) of cutting a .11 release so I can instruct them to use that.

PS: One thing on that list would be to removed deprecated methods and classes, which will once and for all remove JmeBinaryXXX.

i say go

If that's all it takes then I'll echo the sentiment:

GO!  :stuck_out_tongue:

some pretty easy tasks would be to fix javadoc errors or exchange all System.err for logs, but I think it's better to just do it so we can move on to .12 and/or a possible 1.0

I agree that there are some cleanup tasks that need doing before a 1.0 release.  If we list them all out here, I don't mind starting in on them in my spare time though.  Otherwise, let's just make sure all the tests run, etc. and push a .11 release.