New SkyControl releases

I very like your SkyControl and use it in my project. Very glad you are continue working on it.


It’s always nice to hear from a satisfied user!


do we have a control that could let it spin in the Y axis (around the player)?

I would make them very slowly spin and move just a bit towards above the player, not enough to look weird tho.
And I would like to make them fade in and fade out for variety (cloudiness on a few layers I guess).
Another way to deal with them would be to shrink and grow them, to have a sensation of going farer or closer, can it be done?

for some reason, a great looking sky is one of the most important things to me :slight_smile:


I believe it would not be difficult to add such a control, or even to add options to SkyControl to cause certain cloud layers to move in this fashion. Not looking weird might be difficult, however. How about you prototype your idea and let me know how it turns out?


I just finished uploading version 0.9.2 of SkyControl:

on GitHub at
on Bintray at

Notable changes:

  • fix a de-serialization bug that affected SkyControl and FloorControl
  • move all “virally licensed” assets out of the SkyControl library
  • build using Gradle instead of Ant
  • rename the {get/set}Cloud{Rate/YOffset} methods in the API

The detailed moon textures have been moved to a new “moon-ccbysa” library, available from GitHub but not from Bintray.


Line 451 and 452

  mainLight.setColor(color); ```

I think it is not alright that we get mainLight color based on ambient color.

Thanks for the bug report. I’ve committed the fix and am pushing out a new version of the SkyControl library.

PS: The fix is in version 0.9.4. Thanks again!


The latest version of SkyControl is now 0.9.5, which I released today so I could move some generial-purpose utilities into a new library named “jme3-utilities-heart”. Splitting the library benefits applications (such as my Maze Game) that need the utilities but don’t need SkyControl. It does mean you now need three libraries to use SkyControl as intended:

  1. jme3-utilities-heart
  2. SkyControl
  3. moon-ccbysa

At this point, just one thing stands in the way of a stable SkyControl 1.0, and that’s the “clouds should have dark sides” issue noted above. Since I’m busy with Maud, I don’t know when I’ll get around to working on that.


@sgold hi I just included skycontrol in my project and it looks already amazing without changing any variables.
I just wanted to say thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! I wanted to say thank you! I am using SkyControl in my game and it is amazing.


I appreciate your feedback (and that of @bob_boris).

When I realized you were using SkyControl, I added a link to SkyHussars from the “External links” section of my file.

I’d like to build up the list. If anyone knows of other noteworthy projects using SkyControl (or jme3utilities), please let me know.


my project doesn’t have a name (and clear goal) yet. I’ll will tell you when that happens.


On Tuesday 19 September I released version 0.9.6 of SkyControl.

No major changes, since Maud has been soaking up most of my attention these past months. Here’s the changelog:

  • use the DomeMesh class from the heart library
  • move wireframe material to heart library
  • make SkyControl JmeCloneable
  • fix some potential aliasing bugs related to Material.setColor()
  • standardize the BSD license texts

On 5 December I released version 0.9.7 of SkyControl.

It comes in 2 flavors:

  • 0.9.7for31 (which targets JME 3.1.0-stable) and
  • 0.9.7for32 (which targets JME 3.2.0-alpha2)

Find them on GitHub at:

Find them on Bintray at:


I tried to test SkyControl from jcenter, but I failed to download it.

Could not resolve: jme3utilities:SkyControl:0.9.7for32

This is my build.gradle

apply plugin: 'java'

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile fileTree( include: '*.jar', dir: 'libs')
    def jme3 = [g:'org.jmonkeyengine', v: '3.2.0-alpha2']
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-core:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-desktop:$jme3.v"
    //compile "$jme3.g:jme3-lwjgl:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-lwjgl3:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-jogg:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-effects:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-plugins:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-blender:$jme3.v"
    compile "$jme3.g:jme3-niftygui:$jme3.v"
    //compile "$jme3.g:jme3-networking:$jme3.v"
    //compile "$jme3.g:jme3-bullet:$jme3.v"
    //compile "$jme3.g:jme3-bullet-native:$jme3.v"
    //compile "$jme3.g:jme3-examples:$jme3.v"
    compile 'jme3utilities:SkyControl:0.9.7for32'

Is there anyone else can’t download it from jcenter?


As far as I know, SkyControl isn’t on JCenter. You could add my repo to your repositories list:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

Thank you, it works.

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Note that SkyControl was developed under JME 3.0, so it wasn’t optimized for gamma correction. I hope to address this shortcoming before jMonkeyEngine 3.3 arrives. For now, I recommend not using gamma correction with SkyControl.


Current (v0.9.7) SkyControl depends on the jme3-bullet artifact. Someone asked me whether it would be possible to create a version of SkyControl that doesn’t depend on Bullet physics.

Yes, it’s possible. Does anyone desire this change?

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I like this idea.

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