New test build 20110228 posted

This is a relatively minor release for anyone who grabbed the one on the 24th and subsequent Mac-specific patches, but this does at least roll all of that together. There are a bunch of new block types added, some tweaks to the day/night lighting, and a fake cave HDR-like effect. Oh, and I fixed glass block rendering to work better near water.

It would still be cool if non Mac-users can confirm that my Mac-related fixes didn’t break water for them… but I sort of doubt it’s an issue.

Just a general note: I almost had player-creatable placeable objects in but it was just taking too long to get in for this release and I’m trying to keep up some release momentum. The basic parts are there and turned off but the rapid development pace has accumulated what the scrum lifecycle followers would call ‘design deficit’. Getting the placeable->player interaction (ie: picking up and moving them around) working was taking longer to code than it should have. As such, I’m spending my game-coding time this week cleaning up some things to prepare for player-created placeables (big and small) and networking. If all goes to plan, the placeables will be in for next Monday’s release (no physics) and networking the week or two following (depending on how ornery it decides to be). Hopefully the clean-up and refactoring will bring some speed ups but everything is already pretty quick so that’s doubtful. I might be able to at least extend the maximum clip but we’ll see.

What will also come from this refactoring will be a more organized block type setup because at 67 randomly scattered block types it’s a real pain to create anything. While this whole ‘manual selection’ system is only temporary anyway, it’s not a big deal for me to organize them into groups by material in the mean time.

At any rate, here are the links to the goodies:

Engine Test Build

Release Notes

And as always, a test world you can load if you want to start with some buildings and such prebuilt:

My Worlds

Thanks for reading this far!