New to android, missing import

just like the picture show,
import are the errors.
I am using nightly and already follow the instructions on
Can somebody tell me what’s wrong with it? Thank you very much

it suddenly works good now and I don’t know why,

Did your project now import these files correctly???

In the same screenshot it says that you can ignore the errors :roll:

Does it means that this file doesnt get flow control???
I want to invert mouse emulation but I guess setting variables in this file wont help?? Is it?

If you followed the directions then you’ve already installed NBAndroid?

Also, did you do a “Clean and Build” and the main project? The mobile libs directory gets populated on a clean and build so the jme3 libraries aren’t present for the mobile project until you build the first time.

The read lines mean the netbeans doesn’t see the required libraries. However, when you run the project, the ant script repopulates the mobile library directory and the project will run.

Modifying the settings in MainActivity will take effect even if the screen shows the read lines.

In my case starting/ restarting the app and jmonkey, doing clean build etc doesn’t still reflects the change from following lines.
[java] mouseEventsInvertX = true;
// Invert the MouseEvents Y (default = true)
mouseEventsInvertY = false;
// Mouse emulation flag
mouseEventsEnabled = false;[/java]

However i can change the edit message, which implies the MainActivity does get control.

[java] exitDialogTitle = “Lao … Exit?”;[/java]