New to it

Hi all,

    I am new to jmonkeyEngine. I have setup jmonkey for netbeans and have viewed some of the demos.

I intend to make a simulator with the help of JME. I am very much familiar with java which is why I chose this game engine.

However, I do not know how to start coding in jME.

My intended simulator would enable a user to view a 3D rotating model of a tennis player. The user would specify the spatial coordinates for each body part, which would simultaneously be reflected on the 3D model. Also, after saving many positions I intend to thread all of them to produce an animation.  To start with, I intend to use the simple biped available in 3DS format from 3DS Max.

Please help me, how do I start in order to build this.

Thank you

Pranav Bhalla

  1. Get familiar with the scenegraph, spatial positions and rotations, by looking at simple demos (e.g. TestScenegraph).
  2. Get familiar with model loading (demos again).
  3. Build some UI Swing (I assume you're familiar with that; note that there are other approaches, e.g. building an head-up-display). Then integrate a jME canvas into your Swing UI (see forum for helpful posts about that).

Thanx a ton…

will surely do so and get back to u for more help…

thanx once agn…