New to JME and GUI... Please Help

Here's the thing… I am a programmer that spent almost all my life using Visual Basic… although at some point of my life I've used C++ and Java in very brief periods… But I can understand and conceptualize with the approaches to programming that Java offer. And even though that VB is considered as a procedural language, I considered it as an object-oriented programming language so I don't have any problems in shifting between languages whatsoever… And also, in Java specifically, I've always worked on GUIs, listeners and event handling using the AWT and Swing components that is naturally present on the Java package, and I'm quite good at it… So, all in all, I'm very new to such kind of GUI programming inside an engine… As of now, I've learned the basics of JME 2.0 using the Flag Rush tutorials present in the site's wiki… I've also learned little from GBUI, since my luck really hates me and I'm finding it hard to find resources to help me since there is no existing forum that support GBUI unlike FengGUI… I know very basic on both packages and I would like to learn how to integrate the two… It means that I can program on JME 2.0 quite good and program also in GBUI qiute well but not on both… together… For iexample, in JME's BaseGame or even SimpleGame package, I've rendered a box in the middle of the screen and I would like to have a window containing buttons that would control the properties , localiziation/position and size of the box rendered in the middle… and I would like to use GBUI in making that window perhaps… I can program a code that would render a box in the middle of the screen using either BaseGame or SimpleGame of the JME2.0 package… and on a separate *.java program… I could make a GUI that would be able to suit the description previously… but I couldn't bring them together in one window… what should I do?

Its not much different from swing or other GUI systems.

I made a simple demo to alter the localScale of a box in SimpleGame.

Did you check out the wiki and examples on the GBUI page and in the GBUI source ?

Oh thank you again core dump for helping me… yes, I've checked them out, although it's a bit overwhelming to take on all of those simultaneously… and at one point I didn't know what else to do and how would I be able to integrate two new forms of knowledge… thank you very much for this example…

Hopefully you've already seen it, but just in case you haven't…

I understand some changes to GBUI have caused a couple of issues since I originally wrote this, but I believe the basic ideas are still sound.

Good luck.

yup… already seen it… btw  what does this one do?

it doesn't look like it does anything…there may be some commented out code…I'll look at it and see