New to jME and testing it out

I'm currently experimenting with the jME API and setting up different test. :slight_smile:

Just ran an application that draws 100 * 100 Boxes on the screen.

When i draw the camera back so i see all the boxes i end up with 16 FPS in 1280 * 1024 with my nVIDIA 7950 GTX :slight_smile:

Any input on this? :mrgreen:

As i said, it's just for experimental purpose ^^,

You need to look at the GeometryBatch classes to implement something like this.  I have used it to create gameboards out of shape primitives that are 100x100 in size and get ~500-600 FPS on 2x Radeon1900XTs in XFire mode at 1920x1280 (with nothing else in the scenegraph and transparent texturing).  You can also look into lock()ing the mesh(es) and various other optimizations.  These are not jME specific concepts but would be things you'd need to learn in any 3D engine through testing and experience before it was performant.  jME is easy - creating something fast AND beautiful in 3D on any computer is not.