New to JME, want to make a applet game, what path to follow?

Hi everyone,

I want to make an applet game using this engine. I have enough experience with java (even made a 2d game with it once, which I never finished). However, I am not sure where to start learning how to use this engine. There are a lot of different tutorials (not a whole lot applet-related though), but I'm not sure which ones are recent enough to matter and which trail I should follow. I'm not looking to do anything too fancy, but I just want a working knowledge so I can built my applet. What path, which tutorials, would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

With the latest versions of JME, there is nothing to making an applet.

You can safely follow any of the tutorials, such as flagrush making a game that extends BaseGame, knowing that changing it into an applet is very easy - only a little more work than changing "BaseGame" to "BaseApplet".

I may be missing something, but I've done a search of the JME2 source code and can't find BaseApplet anywhere?

It’s in com.jmex.awt.applet

Added in May, so you might need to update if your jME source is older than that.

See this thread:

Out of interest these are the two startup classes for Exodus Defece - one for applets and one for a normal launch.



There is no difference in any of the other code between the normal and applet versions.

I’m not suggesting you follow my example but it’s of note that the game was already released before I did any work on an appet version (because the original game was based on jME1 where applets weren’t so good).

As you can see even in those two classes, most of the code is the same.

Thanks Alric.  I didn't realise that the snapshot build jar distributions were 8 months out of date :-o

Steve16384 said:

I didn't realise that the snapshot build jar distributions were 8 months out of date :-o
Working on it! ;D